The Tween years. Torturous, debilitating, emotional, confusing, horrifying.... I could go on and on. I remember, and as a human, you remember too. You remember because it's probably the hardest part of our lives. The most important part of a young woman's development is her self esteem and how she sees herself. What if you could give her a gift that would allow her to see herself in a whole new light? What if you could take some of the pressure off these hard years? Why do these girls take so many selfies? Because they want to be loved, but most of all they want to love themselves. Let's do this right.

A Tween is aged between 10– 14 years of age. This is the age where they are no longer little children but not yet Teenagers, the “In be-tween” stage. From newborn to their 1st Birthday, to starting school, You’ve captured all of their amazing milestones, yet many tend to miss the stage where they transform from a child to a teenager.

Often overlooked, the tween and teen years show off the braces and the changes from child to young adult.

I think teen portraits are a lot of fun, and truly enjoy getting the opportunity to capture your teen’s captivating personality.

The Tween Photo Sessions is about Capturing their personalities, boosting their confidence and celebrating lifelong friendships of your Tweens.